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Cookie & Trixie

All About Cookie & Trixie!

Cookie and Trixie or as we call them “The Munchkins,” came as a pair. Cookie is about 18 and Trixie is about 20. Trixie the chubby, chocolate flax colored mare was found in Pennsylvania in what would be described as a “puppy-mill” for mini-horses. After a vet check, it was determined little Trixie must have given birth multiple times, which is the explanation for her extended, round belly. Trixie was found severely neglected, full of worms, had constant digestive issues and even lost her left eye due to this neglect. Cookie the petite Appaloosa miniature horse was owned by an elderly couple who could no longer keep her. We were asked to take them by another rescue who asked that they stay together. While mini-horses are adorable, they are very delicate and are prone to have more issues than a regular size horse or pony. A horse was not made to be that tiny so we have to be extra careful with these little girls. We have had Cookie and Trixie for quite a number of years now and they are both happy and healthy and show no signs of their former neglect. They are very spoiled and like to hangout next to their goat neighbors.

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