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All About Dealer!

This is Dealer, a 32 year old Thoroughbred. The next time anyone takes a lesson on one of a barn’s lesson horses, think of Dealer. Dealer was a lesson horse at a local barn for 15+ years, when the barn was sold the new owner did not want the old lesson horses and sent Dealer to a sale barn. It was a VERY lucky day for Dealer, as another local barn saw him at the sales and took him back to their barn. They tried to use him as a lesson horse, but soon realized that he was not up to it any more. He had gotten a little arthritis in his hind end and could not physically handle the demand of lessons. If it was not for one of his students loving him and worrying about him, Dealer would not be here. He had 5 different homes in one year, (which is terrible for a horse his age) before he found his forever home here with us. When he came to us he was underweight with some digestive issues and had some nervous vices, such as pacing. Dealer now has a nice little belly on him. Dealer now spends his days hanging out with his best buddy, Jesse and takes long naps in the sun. That is the kind or retirement he deserves. Even though Dealer lives a very relaxing and carefree life, he still gets nervous and starts to pace when something is going on that he is not used to but it’s a good thing he had Jesse to calm him down when he starts to get unnerved. The student that saved him visits him a couple times a week and volunteers a lot of her time helping us. Not every lesson horse will have a student who loves them like this. He is one very fortunate old man!

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