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Prince & Cocoa

All About Prince & Cocoa! It began in the usual way-a message left asking for help: Can you please help us? We can no longer take care of our horses.  It was when we returned the call that things became unusual. Another equine rescue had


All About Montague! Rumor has it that Montague is Secretariat's grandson. We are trying to confirm this, but since Montague, aka Monte is 32 years old, his tattoo is slightly faded. If this is true, good lineage does not mean a good life for a

Eryka & El Dorado

All About Eryka & El Dorado! This is Eryka and El Dorado (Ed), when they arrived at Twin Oaks on September 10, 2016 they were severely underweight. Eryka is a gorgeous flaxen chestnut colored Trakehner, which is a warmblood bred and El Dorado is a


All About Jesse! Jesse is one of our newer members. He joined us last September. He is a cute little 26ish year old, Quarter Horse. Jesse was a former reining horse who, from what we have heard, had a nice show record as did his


All About Dealer! This is Dealer, a 32 year old Thoroughbred. The next time anyone takes a lesson on one of a barn’s lesson horses, think of Dealer. Dealer was a lesson horse at a local barn for 15+ years, when the barn was sold the new


All About Maggie! Maggie is a Shetland pony cross, in her late 20’s. She is a little deaf but she can hear a granola bar wrapper from a mile away. Maggie has recently been diagnosed with a mild case of heaves. Heaves is a chronic

Astro Star

All About Astro Star! Astro is the biggest baby of the group at just fourteen years old and standing at a grand 17.3 hands. He is a thoroughbred off the racetrack and is Secretariat’s great-grandson. He has a racing record but as many young thoroughbreds


All About Charlie! Charlie was rescued from the slaughter in 1989, when he was only around seven years old, which makes him a minimum of thirty-five years old today (but he could be older). There did not seem to be any reason for him to

Cookie & Trixie

All About Cookie & Trixie! Cookie and Trixie or as we call them “The Munchkins,” came as a pair. Cookie is about 18 and Trixie is about 20. Trixie the chubby, chocolate flax colored mare was found in Pennsylvania in what would be described as


All About Lilly! Lilly is a 17 year old Thoroughbred. She has been with us about ten years. Lilly is younger than most of our senior citizen members, but she demonstrates the problems with over-breeding and “throw-away” horses. Lilly’s registered name is “Queens Conquest”. She


All About Journey! Journey’s name suits her very well. Our poor Journey girls’ life was very turbulent in the beginning. At the age of around 14 Journey was rescued from the New Holland Horse Sales in upstate New York by Project Sage and was then


All About Princess! Princess is 26 years old. She was purchased at a local horse sale June of 1992. She was guaranteed to grow to be a full size horse. Well that did not happen. She is a medium pony, standing at 13.3hh. She is


All About Roxie! Roxie is an 18 year old Standardbred. Although she is a little younger than most of our senior members, in certain situations we will take younger members. Roxie had been abused somewhere in her life as she still has a hard time


All About Simon! Simon has been with us 12 years and he is about 26 years old. He is a big, solid Percheron, Quarter Horse cross. He came to us as boarder, back when we were a boarding facility. Not long after his arrival, Simon


All About Skippy! Skippy has been with us 28 years. He is a nice little Egyptian Arabian pony. He has his Arabic name branded on his neck. He was rescued from slaughter in 1989, along with 4 other horses, who also got to live out


All About Buckshot! Buckshot is a beautiful blind buckskin Appaloosa in his mid-twenties. We know that for years, he was used as a show horse, a lesson horse and whatever he could do so that he could “earn” his keep. He was at different barns

Atilla & Jan

All About Atilla & Jan! Attila and Jan are Friesian half-brothers that were imported from Holland as babies. They have been together for all of their 20 plus years. Jan is about 26 years old and was taught to pull a carriage. He is very

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