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All About Princess!

Princess is 26 years old. She was purchased at a local horse sale June of 1992. She was guaranteed to grow to be a full size horse. Well that did not happen. She is a medium pony, standing at 13.3hh. She is actually a gray and white paint pony, but since gray horses get lighter as they get older, her gray spots have faded into white and now she looks almost completely white. Her paint markings can be seen during baths; when she is wet you can see the black hide and pink hide. Since she did not grow to the size of a horse, she was trained for some light saddle work. She is a typical feisty pony, who you always have to keep your eye on when working with her. She bonded well with her best friend Patches (see memorials) and the two of them were together for twenty plus years. Over the years the two of them made good pasture mates for some of the older mares that came to the barn as they protected and made them feel at home. Princess adapted surprisingly well after Patches passed away and spends her days relaxing in the sun or under the trees, with her new herd of friends, Lilly, Roxie and her MUCH bigger boyfriend Lexington Bay (who stands at 17.3 hh).

Help Support Princess!

It costs us $160.00+  per month to care for Maggie. Little Maggie only eats one bag of feed per month and six bales of hay. Maggie does require allergy medications due to her heaves.

Yearly Expenses: $2,170 is the yearly cost for Maggie. This covers twelve months of feed and maintenance fees, six farrier visits, two wormings, a dental visit and a vet check.

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