Sparkly Game Day & Ice Cream Social Sunday Funday Fundraiser



Join us for a Sunday funday family fundraiser! There will be a variety of board games, card games and weather permitting badmitten and other outside activities for kids and adults. Create an Ice cream Sunday at the Ice Cream bar and enjoy snacks while hanging out with friends and family for a relaxing, Sunday Funday out! If there’s a game you want to play you’re welcome to bring it! There will also be a small silent auction, a 50/50 raffle and more!

In honor of Spark Day we are encouraging everyone to bring a non-perishable item for the Churches food pantry.

About Spark Day: Spark Day was inspired by the desire to provide for a little old dog who was deprived of comfort, love, and even the most basic care for most of his life. He lived tied to a box, practically forgotten in a backyard, until he almost died tied to that box. When the call for help finally came, it was almost too late for him. Almost. When he survived to the next morning against the odds, he was christened Sparky, for he still had the Spark of Life in him. He had a home for nine months — a beautiful, luscious nine months full of comfort and peace and happiness and good food and protection and care…..and brimming with happiness! But he could not last a full year. Life had been too hard; he finally succumbed to its wear on his body. It was his spirit, though, that inspired the holiday. When that one year anniversary came around — May 16th — it seemed fitting to celebrate it for the goodness Sparky enjoyed and for the goodness he brought about in the world: He inspired connections among so many people who never would have come to know each other had each one not taken an interest in that little fuzzy dog. Because of him, there is more Possibility to help save others like him. Because of him, there are many people inspired to bring about that goodness for others who are downtrodden, others of allspecies. Because of him, there are so many who realized how important it is to appreciate beauty and goodness and heart — and to nurture it. That’s what Spark Day is all about. Keeping the Spark alive and nurturing it — in others, in ourselves, in as many places as we can. The more Sparks we nurture, the brighter our world becomes. Join us in celebrating Spark Day — this year and every year! We toast at 7 pm that evening so raise your glass and help us keep the sparks alive!

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