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All About Roxie!

Roxie is an 18 year old Standardbred. Although she is a little younger than most of our senior members, in certain situations we will take younger members. Roxie had been abused somewhere in her life as she still has a hard time going in and out of any gates or her stall without running in and/or running out as fast as she can. She was also found neglected in someone’s backyard. Their daughter adopted her in the hopes of doing barrel racing, but sadly neglected her. When we found her she looked like a mule, not there is anything wrong with a mule as we love them too, but she was all sunken in and scrawny. With some TLC, she has come around and is quite a lovable horse. She still has difficulty with going in and out of the stall like a lady, but we work around that. The sad part about Roxie aside from her prior abuse and neglect is that she just demonstrates one of the many unwanted Standardbreds that are out there.

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