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All About Skippy!

Skippy has been with us 28 years. He is a nice little Egyptian Arabian pony. He has his Arabic name branded on his neck. He was rescued from slaughter in 1989, along with 4 other horses, who also got to live out their lives at Twin Oaks. Skippy was an unwanted horse although we could not see a reason why he would be unwanted as he was perfectly sound and a nice riding horse. Kenny and Christy saw a good, sound horse and over the years, due to his size, he made a good riding horse for any kids we had helping around the barn. He was shown in English and Western shows, ran barrels and also made a good trail horse. Skippy was retired a number of years ago as he started to get cataracts on his eyes. Now he happily roams free around the farm with his girlfriend Maggie and visits all of his friends and sneaks treats out of everyone’s bags. He is very spry, despite being at least 36 years old (he could be older).

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