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All About Tibbs!

Tibbs-32 year old Quarter Horse. The one that started it all. He was found as a 4 year old at an old duck farm on Long Island. His chest was all scratched open from trying to get over a barbed-wire fence for some grass since he wasn’t being fed. Kenny and Christy found him and got weight on him and he had a little spunk in him, but over the years he mellowed into a nice trail riding horse. He was retired about 5 years ago due to a club foot. He has been the leader of his herd from the time he arrived at Twin Oaks 28 years ago.

Help Support Tibbs!

It costs us $160.00+  per month to care for Maggie. Little Maggie only eats one bag of feed per month and six bales of hay. Maggie does require allergy medications due to her heaves.

Yearly Expenses: $2,170 is the yearly cost for Maggie. This covers twelve months of feed and maintenance fees, six farrier visits, two wormings, a dental visit and a vet check.

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